Dec 24, 2023Liked by Hans Duvefelt, MD

Hello country doctor. I've followed you for over a decade, maybe since your first move...? I am drawn to your rational and grounded approach to medicine. I've been in my chosen arena( physical therapy) for over 40 years. You've named so clearly and concisely so many of the struggles I've encountered. It has grown increasingly difficult to provide patient centered care with meaningful documentation while not growing discouraged at the persistent insurance company battles. I've loved hearing you voice name and echo these struggles.

And now, you begin again!! I love this! I'm in a space of beginning again myself. Your words encourage me in this turn. Thank you!

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Great News Dr. Duvefelt.

Glad that things are moving forward for you, in your intended direction.

There are New and Old always old always.

Happy Holidays!

A New Year full of Success, Fun and Love.

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